When we arrived in Australia, we were constantly asked for 100 points of ID and had no clue what this was and I found various lists and decided to place the concise list in this post, so that you too may learn learned what this is, as we sometimes had incorrect documents for the total 100 points..

So really what is 100 points ID, in Australia, 100 points of ID is used as a way to identify you, and you do this through providing original or certified documents, when you apply for financial credit, have to sign a lease agreement, get apply for a mobile phone contract, etc. So when the institution/person asks you for a 100 points of ID, you can generally provide the following documentation to identify yourself with these associated points to accummulate the 100 points, but they may vary from institution to institution:

70 points (more than one document from this list cannot be counted, so only one can be used):
• Birth Certificate
• Birth Card issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
• Citizenship Certificate
• Current Australian passport
• Expired Australian passport which has not been cancelled and was current within the preceding 2 years
• Current passport from another country or diplomatic documents.

40 points (more than one document can be counted):
• Current driver photo licence issued by an Australian state or territory
• Identification card issued to a public employee
• Identification card issued by the Australian or any state government as evidence of a person’s entitlement to a financial benefit
• Identification card issued to a student at a tertiary education institution.

35 points (more than one document can be counted):
• Document held by a cash dealer giving security over property
• A mortgage or other instrument of security held by a financial body
• Land rates notice
• Document from current employer or previous employer within the last two years
• Land Titles Office record
• Document from the Credit Reference Association of Australia.

25 points (more than one document can be counted):
(At least one of the documents should show the applicant’s signature and preferably their current address.)
• Current credit card or account card from a bank, building society or credit union
• Local council rates notices
• Current telephone, water, gas or electricity bill
• Foreign driver’s licence
• Medicare Card
• Electoral roll compiled by the Australian Electoral Commission
• Lease/rent agreement
• Current rent receipt from a licensed real estate agent
• Records of a primary, secondary, or tertiary educational institutio attended by the applicant within the last 10 years
• Records of a professional or trade association of which the applicant is a member.

Just migrated?
PS: When you open an account within 6 weeks to 3 months (depending on the institution) of arriving to live in Australia, you will need only your passport. This concession only applies to banks, from what I’ve been told and not credit institutions. As this was all we needed when arrived.

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