As you may know or perhaps not, I am currently an employee in the Queensland Government Public Service as an Analyst Programmer and therefore a public servant of the Public Service. I will try to explain standard work hours for Queenland Government employees, also known as ‘Hours of work’, different for South Africans and those from the UK.

As per a Public Service Acts (PSC) , regulations and directives our standard working week is 36.25 hours (or 36 hrs 15 mins), this is usually broken into five working days of 7 hours 15 mins, however I work flexi-time and can work any Hours between 6.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, up to the 36.25 hours, however this may vary and may not apply to everyone as it depends on the group or organisation structure and management in the work area.

We are entitled to a minimum of 30 minutes between the 3rd and 6th hours of duty, which may at times be termed as an ‘unpaid meal break’.

On a 36.25-hour week, the maximum number of daily ordinary hours that we can work is 9 hours 30 minutes per day and on a 38-hour week it is 10 hours, any time after this is an ‘ADO’ or Credit Time explained here and time further than 9 hours and 30 min is regarded as TOIL explained in What is TOIL.

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I have just added a post about a start on how to find a job in Australia and will continue those posts soon.. so stay posted.