We all love shopping and finding a bargain! There are two online shopping websites my husband and I love to shop at and almost every week we have a parcel in the post from either of these places:

Sometimes the things are for free and we only have to pay for postage. I think they only ship within Australia, but don’t worry when you arrive you can use their services!

Even the ASUS Netbook (7 inch) I am using on train daily and to write these posts I bought online, at www.catchoftheday.com.au for $199, when the retail price at the time was $249 and up! Delivery was a flat rate of about $12.50, so I think I still got a bargain, and just over a year later the Netbook is still going strong! This week they had a good ‘catchon’ whereby they had a new sale every hour from 10am until about 8pm the evening, two which we missed were the PS3 for $199 and GHD for $149, they were both within 15min …

As for OZSTOCK.COM.AU, my husband waits everyday to check which IT gadgets they would have and refreshes the screen at 12pm, to they all gone!
So Happy Shopping when you in Australia or are here already !