When you live in Australia, you may have family or friends that wish to visit. For them to visit they will require a tourist visa, however to apply for a tourist visa they will need an invitation letter from you so that they can visit.

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We have written a general invitation letter for our family and friend to visit, only changing the names and dates. The invitation letter can be sent to the travel agent organising the ticket and visa or to the Australian embassy or consulate in that country organising the visa. The letter can be hand written, typed then signed and dated. I t some circumstances an email copy may be sent, however the email copy email address must originate from an Australian domain, eg. someone@yourdomain.com.au, the .au is the important part.

Then when sending the letter a certified copy of your passport or drivers licence should be attached. The Australian embassy or consulate may ask you for other accompaning documents, however for this article we will concentrate on the Tourist Visa Invitation Letter.

Your letter should look something as follows:


To whom it may concern.

We, Mr In Australia and Mrs In Australia wish to invite Mr and Mrs Out of Australia from TheirCity, TheirCountry to stay with us from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.

Our current address is 123 MyStreet Street, MySurburb, MyCity, My Postcode, MyState, Australia.

We shall be responsible for their stay and expenses while on holiday in Australia.

Kind Regards
Mr In Australia Mrs In Australia

————– —————–

This is just a rough guideline and you can update the letter to suit your needs.