One of the most common questions I am asked is: “How do we migrate to Australia?”. They actually wish to know what to do to move Australia. For everyone the answer is different, but there are rules , which I will cover in time.

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Just so that we understand, I am NOT giving advice, only providing facts from others and my experiences and this information has to be used in the general nature that it is intended.

So I will document here the steps we took to migrate to Australia, from the time we made the decision, receiving our permanent residency visa, arriving here, until… well we still here, so some things that I learn while living here will be documented here as well 🙂

Step One:
The decision

Step Two:

Decide your real intentions for coming to Australia

Step Three:

Look at the Australian Immigration ( website

Step Four:

Continued in next post…

PS: Just as an extra note, immigrating or migration is not for the faint hearted, it takes alot of guts and real determination to follow through once you have begun the LOOOOOONG process. It may seem to take forever, as in our case 2 years from the moment of commiting to come over until we landed, but don’t give up, if this is what you wish to do..

So don’t become dishearted when things ‘take time’, migration really tests your patience and you will hear something from Australian Immigration Department or skills assessment place, etc.. eventually, they just have so many applications to process, due to so many people wishing to come over down under..