These are the most commonly asked question from people abroad:

  • Are there jobs in Australia?
  • How do I find a job in Australia?
  • Is it easy to find a job in Australia
  • Is it right time to immigrate to Australia

I will answer these questions in time, but for now answering the first question, have a look at the job websites I compiled below.

There are still many more jobs, not advertised and the best is to set up an Australian style resume/cv and send off to companies or organisations you feel you would suit. I have made an example of the Australian style resume here, from a copy of my own resume that can be downloaded here. Just as a note references are very important and is the reason they are highlighted in the resume.

Find jobs in Australia online / websites

To get an indication of the job market and their related salaries, you could use the popular job websites and the most advertised around here:

Others websites that are used here are:

To get the job salary averages in Australia, you can have a look at these reports:

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