The Top Emigration Destinations for 2011


Found this interesting article of The Top 5 Emigration Destinations for 2011, which tries to answer the questions for each of the countries below, such as: [...] Read more

How to migrate to Australia


One of the most common questions I am asked is: “How do we migrate to Australia?”. They actually wish to know what to do to move Australia. For everyone the answer is different, but there are rules , which I will cover in time. [...] Read more

How to write an invitation letter (tourist visa)


When you live in Australia, you may have family or friends that wish to visit. For them to visit they will require a tourist visa, however to apply for a tourist visa they will need an invitation letter from you so that they can visit. [...] Read more

Plan your LSD trip in Australia


So what is a LSD trip? This is short for a Look, See and Decide trip down under. Notice how I say trip and not holiday, as that is what it is not just a holiday! This trip usually an expensive trip but one that seals your decision to make to migrate or accept a job offer in Australia. The LSD trip is not essential but is a good way of looking at they way of life, finding out about where to stay, how things really work, such as public transport, how to find work, etc… And remember that on a tourist visa you are not allowed to work.. [...] Read more

To do when you arrive in Australia


When you eventually receive your Australian visa this is the to do list when arriving in Australia.[...] Read more

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