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The Top Emigration Destinations for 2011


Found this interesting article of The Top 5 Emigration Destinations for 2011, which tries to answer the questions for each of the countries below, such as: [...] Read more

How to find a job in Australia


These are the most commonly asked question from people abroad:[...] Read more

Standard Work Hours


As you may know or perhaps not, I am currently an employee in the Queensland Government Public Service as an Analyst Programmer and therefore a public servant of the Public Service. I will try to explain standard work hours for Queenland Government employees, also known as ‘Hours of work’, different for South Africans and those from the UK. [...] Read more

What is an ‘ADO’ or Credit Time?


An ADO is abbreviated for ‘Accumulated Day Off ‘, which is time accumulated by working over the standard daily hours in no less than 15 minute blocks. As per current Public Service Acts (PSC) , only those public servants in the job Classification range of AO1-AO8 (or equivalent) can credit time towards and ADO.[...] Read more

What is TOIL?


TOIL is abbreviated from ‘Time Off In Lieu’, this is approved time off for time we are required to work more than 9 hrs 30 mins in a day, while for those of us employed within the Queensland Government. This is not a common occurance and the TOIL and actual taking time off has be approved by my manager/supervisor prior to its occurrence.[...] Read more

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