Australian postcodes are 4 digits and each state is usually identified by the first number digit.

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The postcode’s primary purpose is for the sorting and delivery of mail however there may be exceptions to the list below.
In some regional and suburban areas, one postcode can cover more than one suburb, whereas in metropolitan areas, many postcodes may be used within a suburb.

  • 0200 – The Australian National University
  • 0xxx – (08xx, 09xx) is in Northern Territory (0800 is central Darwin)
  • 1xxx & 2xxx – is in New South Wales (2000 is central Sydney) & ACT
  • 3xxx & 8xxx – is in Victoria (3000 is central Melbourne)
  • 4xxx & 9xxx – is in Queensland (4000 is central Brisbane)
  • 5xxx – is in South Australia (5000 is central Adelaide)
  • 6xxx – is in Western Australia (6000 is central Perth)
  • 7xxx – is in Tasmania (7000 is central Hobart)

To find postcodes per city/town go toAustralian Post’s online postcode search, you will also find postage calculators and other postage information.