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  • Are you Migrating to Australia?
  • Trying to find out what to do before you arrive to Australia? visa, english exams, etc,
  • Trying to find out how to arrive in Australia? such as airlines, airfares, customs, etc
  • Trying to find out what to do when you arrive in Australia? accommodation, cars, jobs, general day to day living etc.
  • Planning to study in Australia?
  • Traveling on holiday or a short-term business trip to Australia ?

Oz Arrivals was started by Rishka, who migrated from South Africa to Australia, landing 21 February 2008, for a safer life with my small family of 3! We are made up of hubby, me and our two year old daughter (Nov 09) and new Australian addition in Feb 2013! Currently we live on the Gold Coast, Queensland and I work as a Senior Analyst Programmer in Brisbane.

We arrived with only 3 suitcases, to date (Nov 09), we now both work full-time, our daughter is at a day mother and we work flexi-hours so that we can spend time together, we now each own a car, have a house full of furniture and stuff and have just moved into a house we just purchased (owned by the bank of course 😉 (Reminding me that we have to start getting rid of stuff… hmmm…)

Our migration process took over 2 years during our research on-line and asking others who had done the move. Before our arrival there was lots of information about obtaining a visa, what you need to qualify, accommodation, schools, transport, banking, etc but not consolidated. We also wanted to find out about daily living in Austalia, settling in Australia and how things really are.

Since arriving so many people have asked us all the same questions and I decided to put up a website to help others going through the same ‘stress’ of planning and the journey of migrating or study to Australia. Remember you you are not alone in your journey to Australia and hope this website will help you.

We want this to be a free resource for you and other, as well as try to provide you the information you need directly, alternatively we will provide you with links to websites that gives you that information. If you can’t find what you need, please do not hesitate to contact us, also we look forward to hearing from you.

To navigate your way around, click on the ‘Pages’ above, Category topics on the right, or just type in a search in the search box above otherwise email me at info(at)ozarrivals(dot)com(dot)au – remember change the (at) to @ and (dot) to a .

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